Turnkey Solutions

Achieving Your Ambitions

For more than two decades, we’ve partnered closely with our clients, aiding them in accomplishing their ambitions with engineering excellence.
Requirements have become increasingly pressing and intricate. To transform their vision into reality, we have focused our technical skills and capabilities on areas that empower our clients with a strategic edge that enables pre-emptive decision-making.


Our depth and breadth allow us to work in ways that make the impossible possible. We specialise in engineering design and development services within the aerospace and defence sector. Our expertise extends to crafting state-of-the-art aircraft and aircraft subsystems, catering to both manned and unmanned spheres for our clients. Our comprehensive suite of services includes full aircraft integration, rigorous flight testing, and certification, empowering us to execute a wide range of solutions. Whether it's aircraft design from the ground up or modifications on military and civilian platforms, we are equipped to meet your needs effectively and efficiently. 


At Incomar, precision isn’t just an attribute; it’s an output.

Our aircraft integration and engineering capabilities translate specifications into innovative solutions that encompass aircraft and aircraft subsystems, qualification, certification, and meticulous flight testing.

Our innovative solutions are realised through our ability to build and assemble units in-house. Our resolute cross-functional approach and collaboration cultivate the right environment to ask the right questions to ensure your satisfaction.


All of our engineered solutions are thoroughly tested in the laboratory environment to ensure they meet or exceed the required standards and will stand the test of time wherever they are deployed. We possess robust engineering and flight test capabilities, allowing us to seamlessly integrate systems onto aircraft and perform comprehensive flight testing, as well as verification and validation of aircraft and aircraft systems or payloads.

Our flight test and engineering processes are well-established and exact, with a stringent safety management system to ensure operational excellence.