Engineering Capabilities

Serving Our Clients. Serving Quality.

Outperformance takes creativity, agility, and flexibility. But for this to work, we must leverage ingenuity, experience and skilled design thinking to meet a client's diverse needs and achieve optimal outputs that maintain cost-efficiency.

Our process is built around your ambitions, aligning speed and altitude with the intricacies of your requirements. We distil your specifications into clear engineering language to formulate bold concepts encompassing all modelling, simulation, and engineering aspects.

All designs undergo meticulous review before moving to the build and implementation stage, integration testing and verification. Continual assessment and alignment with your vision means providing unwavering support through maintenance, insight, and ongoing assistance.

That is why we have enduring relationships with local and international clients. We are committed to delivering unique, high-quality aeronautical and defence solutions that operate as you intended and always deliver on the finer points of fulfilment.

We Design

  • Custom airborne avionics and mission systems.
  • Flight computing systems.
  • Custom ground control systems for unmanned platforms.
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms for use in various aerospace and defence applications.
  • Custom electro-optical sensors and detectors for use in various aerospace and defence applications.

We Develop

  • Custom airframes and aircraft.
  • Remotely Piloted and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
  • Aeronautical models and simulations.
  • Flight Test Instrumentation solutions.
  • Customised aircraft for use as flight-test platforms to test airborne systems.

We Support

At Incomar, we support projects and customers with both expertise and turnkey solutions. This combination plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of our operations. Our team of aeronautical, system, mechanical, electronic, and software engineers are on hand to create complex systems, units, and software solutions.

Our skilled technicians are vital in areas such as advanced electrical, electronic, and mechanical assembly required to ensure the production of high-quality products and to perform any maintenance or support that may be required. When it comes to testing and quality control, we employ rigorous testing procedures, data analysis, and quality assurance, all necessary to ensure that aerospace and defence systems meet the required standards and specifications.

We have the knowledge and experience to support our customers with:

  • Ground vibration and flutter trials.
  • Airborne stores integration and clearance.
  • Project and programme management.
  • Specialised Engineering Capabilities:
    • Electronic engineering and high-end PCB design.
    • Firmware development.
    • Embedded and desktop software development to aerospace and defence standards.
    • Mechanical engineering, structural, and thermal design.
    • Aeronautical analysis and design.
    • Test and integration bench development.