About Us

How We Make a Difference

At Incomar, we excel at various aerospace and defence solutions, from bespoke avionic requirements to systems integration and holistic turnkey solutions. Our long-term relationships and collaborations with a vast local and international network are a testament to our spirit of synergy, agility, and ability to exceed our client’s unique expectations.

Ingenuity Is Our Strength

Ingenuity makes us progressive and pre-emptive, allowing us to take on complex projects from start to finish, factoring in adjustments and industry trends to reach the client’s outcomes.

Agility Is Our Superpower

A lean and highly skilled team, coupled with the latest in aerospace, defence and engineering technology, ensure we hit the target of providing precise solutions to suit our clients' unique requirements.


Our mission is to be the preferred partner and supplier to a broad client base, providing aerospace and defence solutions in collaboration with other role-players. We believe in maximising our skill set and diversifying our market as demand requires, entrenching our success and commitment to excellence in this sector.


Our vision is to continue evolving design, development, and manufacturing in the aerospace and defence industry while striving to exceed our own expectations. As a diverse and unique team of innovators and executors, we stand united in our steadfast commitment to serve our clients by delivering on our word.


Integrity stands at the core of our values and our passion for aerospace and defence. We are uncompromising in executing deliverables ethically. Our processes and applications reinforce an exacting culture of guidelines and standards that have earned us our stripes as a defence company with credibility.

Our Clients

Our clients are our sharp point.
We’re acutely tuned into delivering to their requirements. For over two decades, we have served sovereign states, procurement companies, research and development leads, forces in the operational defence field, and government parastatals. 
Our reputation for delivering with expediency, excellence, and precision is the hallmark of our business.
Above all else, in alliance with local and international compliance, we are sensitised to the imperatives in South Africa. We strongly subscribe to our responsibility within the local aerospace and defence sector. We support the growth of the local industry and are committed to uplifting the country and assisting in building a robust economy.
IADS is AS9100D Certified
  • (Letter of Thanks, August 2022)
    "I thank you and your team for the professional and dedicated way you approached and participated in the flight test programs and for the feedback and inputs your team provided. This will help us to improve our aircraft. I appreciate the ordered tone you set for the flight test program. I commend every Incomar Flight Test team member who was involved and contributed to the flight test program. We are proud to consider Incomar as a key partner."
    (Letter of Thanks, August 2022)
  • (Customer Satisfaction Survey, March 2022)
    “Incomar is a valued supplier, and indeed, a trustworthy supplier. Special thanks to Incomar.”
    (Customer Satisfaction Survey, March 2022)
  • (Customer Satisfaction Survey, July 2019)
    “Incomar has provided excellent support... and walked the extra mile many times. We wish to thank Incomar for their commitment to the program.”
    (Customer Satisfaction Survey, July 2019)
  • (Customer Satisfaction Report, June 2019)
    “Perfect skills matching by IA is impressive. Getting the best skills on board within the local industry is key in delivering professional results”
    (Customer Satisfaction Report, June 2019)
  • (Customer Satisfaction Survey, October 2023)
    “The trial went well. Communication before the trial and during the trial onboard the aircraft was good. The pilots are very accommodating and reasonable. They check on the operators and on the health of the SAR system during the trial. Two CSIR people were present, and a third person from Incomar to assist just makes it easier and safer for everyone.”
    (Customer Satisfaction Survey, October 2023)
  • (Customer Satisfaction Survey, September 2023)
    "“It is a pleasure working with the IADS AESA team under the guidance of Johann Bruwer. Always a professional and highly valued customer relations and service.”
    (Customer Satisfaction Survey, September 2023)
  • (Customer Satisfaction Survey, July 2019)
    “Incomar has provided excellent support during the ... production and marketing programs, with valid inputs to meet the required quality standard.”
    (Customer Satisfaction Survey, July 2019)