Meet Our Team

As an aerospace and defence company we have earned trust through our ethical track-record and reputation as a company that consistently delivers high-quality products and services, meets contractual obligations and operates ethically. We also believe in a collaborative approach through partnerships with reputable defence companies, government agencies and academic institutes where we share expertise and foster progressive thinking.

We are also trusted because we are loyal. Loyal to our client-base and loyal to our employees, many of whom have been with us for several years. For us, social responsibility for us means retaining local skills for prosperity and supporting the restoration of the South African aerospace and defence industry to world-class standards. We are actively involved in attracting and mentoring prime candidates through the help of a dynamic career progression plan, to ensure the local industry prospers in the decades to come. 

We are a dedicated team of professionals who share a strong sense of purpose in committing ourselves to meaningful and precise work, which often involves highly technical and complex projects.

We consistently demonstrate distinct qualities that set us apart from other aerospace and defence companies. We strive to embrace and stay ahead of technological advancements with a forward-thinking and inventive approach to all our projects, often forging unprecedented paths in our commitment to finding solutions for our clients.